Suggested Readings

The AAVS Seoul does not require any work or reading prior to the beginning of the course.
The following list is composed of essays and other publications which we have found relevant towards the construction of our discussions, or simply liked.

- The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered, Louis Sullivan

- Collage City, Colin Rowe

- The Architecture of the City, Aldo Rossi

- The Organizational Complex
[chapter 3], Reinhold Martin

- Multinational Cities
, Reinhold Martin

- Mythologies
, Roland Barthes

- Post Functionalism, Peter Eisenmann

- Simulacra and Simulation [part 1], Jean Baudrillard

- On The Typology of Architecture
, Giulio Carlo Argan

- Typology and Design Method
, Alan Colquhoun

- The Third Typology
, Anthony Vidler

- Translation from Drawings to Buildings and Other Essays, Robin Evans

- On Typology
, Rafael Moneo

Some of these essays are available in pdf version, for more information, contact us at