Hanover Trust Building Grid, New York. Original photographs by Ezra Stoller


Seoul, South Korea
Monday 10 – Friday 21 August 2015

As Song-do – literally the new-city – grows into its infancy we continue our investigation into the realm of corporate architecture.

After dedicating a year to its master-plan and another studying the facade as an intrinsic medium of communication of corporate identity, this year we finally step behind the sliding doors to bear witness of the world inside.

From the grand halls of the lobbies to the prairies of the office space, we will construct our proposals looking out to the edge from the deep space of the corporate conscience.

Once a desk-machine, today the white collar man is regarded as a social-one, and much more of his life is to be found behind the hermetic expanses of glass. Stepping in his dark polished shoes, we will quest to frame that thin edge that encloses corporate space, capturing on our way out nuances of the life within.